Foreign Fridges

Composition: Hanna Hartman (2018)

In Hanna Hartmans piece Foreign Fridges we get a new point of view on how a graphic score can be transformed into a musical performance. A score that resemblance a number of wiring diagrams, circuits or simply depicting the back side of an imaginary fridge.

Short texts or abstract instructions (that bring Erik Satie to mind, but with a far more violent touch)  can be found on each sheet. We get to know, early on in the working process, that the durations indicated does not suggest a time line to be read from left to right. 

So, what is this?

In our interpretation you hear a concrete sound design of the most unlikely and foreign fridges. All very different from each other but each one stubbornly ongoing, a music without a story, without any real sense of direction. The sound of snorting, hissing, shaking, crunching fridges that just seems to have been going on forever. We represent them, one after the other, during the performance. Here they get the musical recognition old fridges since long so well deserve.


Hanna Hartman - Having developed her very own language, the Swedish sound artist and composer Hanna Hartman creates compositions that are exclusively made up from authentic sounds which she has recorded around the world. Sounds are taken out of their original context and thus perceived in their purity.  Function in RM: composer Projects. Events.