Composition: Nomi Epstein (2018)

In Nomi Epsteins piece portals the musicians are moving back and forth between different clearly defined sonic designs: harmonics, rhythmical loops, white noice, birdsong, vinyl crackle. An internal sound hiking, playfully searching and finding itself in constantly new contexts.

Nomi refer to Rebecca Solnits modern classic: A Field Guide To Getting Lost (Penguin Books) in many ways in her score. A labyrinth of options on how the musicians can relate to each other musically and how they, by using cues and on beforehand given agreements, can find their way through the score with its many different parts and its mutable form. It is as if she composed the music with the intention of making us get lost in it sooner or later.

After a while we learned to enjoy the excitement in those moments during a performance when we suddenly don’t know where we have each other in the music any more, when it is unclear where we were going and how we got to where we are.


Nomi Epstein - Nomi Epstein, D.M.A, is an active composer, curator/ performer, and music educator. Her works have been performed at Ostrava Days, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Darmstadt, Bang on a Can etc. and she was twice invited as an Artist-in-Residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Function in RM: composer Projects. Performances.