The Psychology of Transience

With an unsentimental but respectful approach to the sacred original Henrik Olsson have developed four method-based compositions through the reuse of traditional hymns.

  • Sounds fiction
    Now we would like to develop, compose and realize a serie of site specific pieces as a logic continuation of our previous work but this time without using any written scores. The room in which we perform will be the composition.
  • portals
    In Nomi Epsteins piece portals the musicians are moving back and forth between different clearly defined sonic designs: harmonics, rhythmical loops, white noice, birdsong, vinyl crackle. An internal sound hiking, playfully searching and finding itself in constantly new contexts.
  • Foreign Fridges
    In Hanna Hartmans piece Foreign Fridges we get a new point of view on how a graphic score can be transformed into a musical performance. A score that resemblance a number of wiring diagrams, circuits or simply depicting the back side of an imaginary fridge.
  • Der erste Stern ist das letzte Haus
    In Micheal Pisaros low-key piece Der erste Stern ist das letzte Haus seemingly insignificant events is given a sonic shape. Forty sound sculptures of withering leaves in miniature format. A variation piece with a clear focus on the details where every leaf, or in our transcription; every musical gesture, is presented in its own right, always unique and at the same time similar to the previous and the following.