Releases x 2

Admission at the gate until 18.30-19.00h

Entrance fee: SEK 100

Khimaira, Sofiagatan 1

Releaseparty for two of Reading Music’s projects at Khimaira on May the 9th at 7pm!

Firstly, the record Reading Music – Volume 1 is finally released on Ausculto Fonogram and secondly The Psychology of Transience is digitally released on the Thanatosis label.

Lisa Ullén, Johan Arrias and Henrik Olsson bring Elsa Bergman, Erik Calälv, Elsbeth Bergh, Emil Strandberg and Anna Lindal into the sound lab where we find new alternative ways to read music and formulate conceptual group improvisations. A hybrid of music from the two releases is mixed into the trio’s latest project; Sounds like fiction. Sculptural score that not only glows, spins and rustles but also acts as conductor for the concert.

Review of the upcoming album in The Wire’s February issue

”This versatile trio from Stockholm – the pianist Lisa Ullén, the saxophonist Johan Arrias and the percussionist Henrik Olsson – named itself over the interpretive demands of the repertoire it tackles, and while all scores are read, the act here demands performer agency. […] 

There’s no right or wrong way to tackle such pieces, but it’s no mean feat to create something so luminous, masterfully pitched and delicate”

Peter Margasak, The Wire (February 2023)


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